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NoodleTools for Creating Works Cited, Notecards, and Outlines: Notecards and Outlines

Learn to cite sources, develop notecards, and create an outline of your work using NoodleTools.

What makes a Good Notecard?

  1. Lists the source
  2. Includes a topic or subtopic heading
  3. Contains one fact
  4. A quotation and/or a paraphrase of the quotation
  5. Personal idea or question

Why use an Outline?

An outline organizes your information in complimentary ways because it shows both:

  1. The logical progression from your introduction/beginning through a conclusion/end in support of your overarching thesis.
  2. The hierarchical relationships between topics and subtopics, main points and supporting evidence, abstract ideas and concrete details.

Class Assignment / Rubric

  • All sources are correctly cited, and includes an appropriate range of relevant sources.
  • Notecards about the sources are well organized, and identifies key points both in the author's quote and assignment.
  • Notecards show a grasp of the author's meaning and/or have thoughtful questions.
  • Outline's topic demonstrates original thinking, is well organized, and is relevant to the assignment.

Navigating the notecard tabletop

Video length: 49 seconds

NoodleTools user guide: Navigating the notecard tabletop

Creating items in the outline

Video length: 2:05 minutes

NoodleTools user guide: Creating items in the outline

Adding notecards to outline

Video length: 1:20 minutes

NoodleTools user guide: Adding notecards to your outline

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