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Evaluating Quality Web Sources: Periodic Table Assigment

This guide should help students properly evaluate web pages and their validity for research projects.


Eight Fun and Helpful Periodic Table Websites! (the Royal Society of Chemistry's site featuring history, properties,

uses and applications, alchemy, podcasts, videos, and periodic trends of elements.) (scholarly resource with data from American Chemical Society

(ACS), CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, and International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

(IUPAC), tailored for high school student uses, featuring history, properties, applications of elements,

guidelines on how to optimally use a Periodic Table, and current news on elements.) (an excellent source from Chemical Education

Digital Library, funded partially by the National Science Foundation, featuring histories, physical properties,

chemical reactions, uses and applications, crystal structures and atomic emission spectra of elements.)

(scholarly website maintained by American Chemical Society, with the link to the Periodic Table Live! featured

on (a good source managed by the Department of Energy,

featuring histories and uses, some physical properties, origins of elements’ names, proper pronunciation of the (a fun and illustrative source created by Theodore Gray, Max Whitby, and

Nick Mann, featuring many colored photos of the elements in their pure forms, compounds containing such

elements, and uses and applications regarding the elements.) (DON’T click on any ads. or pop-ups. Otherwise, a good source for

history, uses / applications, photos, chemical and physical properties, links to geology, biology, and physics

aspects of each element.) (information from the Wikipedia – Please listen to what Mrs. Winslow teaches

you about Wikipedia)

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